Classic Rock Covers
(but not the usual)

Across the
  South of England
  1. THE GEORGE INN Portchester Rd, Portsmouth 9:00pm
    Tues 14th Nov
  2. THE FAREHAM Fareham 9:00pm
    Sat 18th Nov
  3. THE GEORGE INN Portchester Rd, Portsmouth 9:00pm
    Tues 12th Dec
  4. THATCHER'S BAR AND LOUNGE Portsmouth 9:00pm
    Fri 8th Dec
  5. THE FOUNTAIN Chichester 9:00pm
    Sat 9th Dec
  6. THE ALEX Bognor Regis 9:00pm
    Fri 29th Dec
  7. THE FOUNTAIN North End 9:00pm
    Sat 11th Nov
  8. THE HOTHAMPTON ARMS Bognor Regis 9:00pm
    Fri 17th Nov
  9. THE PIER Bognor Regis 9:00pm
    Sat 16th Dec
Midnite Sun started as an amalgamation of the talents and experience of Clive Trimby on vocals, Martin Mystery on guitar and Dave Riddle on keyboards.  These three were the nucleus of the Portsmouth based band Sly Hardy.  With the addition of first Frank Dymore on drums and then Dave Arthur on bass the band's lineup was complete and ready for a relaunch.  Choosing to start under a fresh name as the lineup had changed significantly, we picked Midnite Sun.  As with any winning lineup, the work has followed.

The material has always stayed the same, known but generally unusual numbers which people know but most bands don't have the ability to play well. You won't hear last week's set list when you go to see Midnite Sun.

Midnite Sun gig regularly in the Portsmouth to Guildford, Southampton to Brighton pub/club scene, and to places further afield throughout the South of England.  We are also available for private gigs, parties and weddings - just hit us via our message form on the contact page with your requirements and we will supply you with all the details.  Then let's get rocking!
Now That's What I Call Dead!

The band is starting work on a new studio album. Arrangements of classic tracks by some of the greats who have now left us, done in their own way. More news as it progresses.
Midnite Sun play two successful sets to close The George Inn Blues Festival in Portsdown.

Other notables playing were Scary Biscuit, Die Germs and headliner Robin Bibi. The festival raised money for cancer charities.  Thanks to all who played and attended.  Next year is already set up.