(and a few thoughts)
A penny for them!
Who are we?

Midnite Sun have a distinctive sound.  A mix of Blues, Rock, Country, Funk, all blending to kick up a fine groove.  Mixing standards with less well known covers they are building a solid reputation on the circuit.  The lineup of the band has evolved to its current state.

Clive Trimby, vocals - One of the genuine elder statesmen of rock in the South of England, Clive has been singing and playing solidly for over 40 years travelling up and down the country.  Still as deeply in love as ever with music in all its forms, he is the backbone of the band.  His raw blues and rock voice has matured to a clear rich velvet and the feeling with which he can deliver a lyric can only be gained with time, lots of time, and love.  He can also be found wailing on a harp on occasion, true to his blues roots.

Martin Mystery, guitar - A member of the band since its inception, always dedicated to his instrument, Martin provides a front line to the band's sound.  Equally at home with Punk as he is with Santana's Latin Rock or old Tamla Motown numbers, his creamy tones and driving riffs can lift and power any number.  The ever present hat and shades are a source of differing opinion in the rest of the band!

Dave Riddle, keyboards - Never in your face, always tucked a little away from the lights, Dave Riddle plays an intricate keyboard role which offers light, shade and colour to the band's guitar base.  From honky tonk piano to rich Hammond swells to synth atmosphere, Dave can add it all and with never any fuss.  His background in production is instrumental in creating the band's live sound.

Frank Dymore, drums - In a lifetime of making music Frank has played with too many known names to mention. When not involved with Midnite Sun he can be found in London when those big names come to the UK and request his support.  A talented multi-instrumentalist, Frank has been known to step in on guitar for an acoustic set.  His quick between numbers humour is a feature of the band's on stage persona too.

Dave Arthur, bass - The deep clear solid foundation of the band's sound, Dave sits through it all on his stool and keeps things cool.  Until something like a Free number comes up that is.  A staunch Andy Fraser fan, his background is solidly steeped in Free's repertoire.  It's the only thing that is guaranteed to get him to his feet and rocking, and once Dave lights up you can be sure it's going to be a good night.

Thoughts from the band:

    “I love seeing the audience dance and generally having a good time. Even though we don’t write our own material, we generally speak with most of our audiences and they want to hear songs they can identify and relate to.  That's what we give them, but not the more common stuff, there is too much great material which you hear too much of the time and so much that never gets played.”

    “Martin, Dave (keys) and myself have been together since the dawn of time.  We pulled in Frank about three years ago after he answered an ad we put on a web site.  Dave Bass joined us about a year ago when our previous bassist moved on to play more modern material.  We're a bit of a disparate crew but we get along and the music says it all for all of us.  It's hard work organising this group of reprobates but it's always worth it when we play.” 

Dave (bass):
    “I love a clean balanced sound and I always try to steer the band towards that.  Plain loud is exciting at first but it can be a long night for an audience not being able to hear each other speak.  That said, towards the end of the night it always gets a bit more driving and we make sure the excitement is always there.”

    "We settled on the format we have at the moment because it gave us so much scope in terms of the material we could take on.  With guitar and keyboards we can cover most tracks.  I love having the chance to sit back and shape the sound of a number from the back row as it were, with musicians alongside me who will choose what they play with the overall blend in mind."

Dave (keys):
    "The sound we now have relies on all of us, not just one virtuoso like a lot of bands and our numbers are picked carefully with that in mind.  It's better to do a good simple number well than a clever demanding one poorly.  Everyone is really happy to just do their bit, the number is the most important goal and the audience judges that.  They don't seem to complain!  We're really a band not just a collection of musicians."

Music Set Options
Classic Rock
Free/Bad Company
On Stage Presentation
The band has a wide repertoire and a wealth of experience to draw on. The standard set list comprises of covers by artists who would be well known to any audience. However, the band deliberately sets out to include less covered tracks to get away from the same choices that can be heard being performed by bands every weekend.
Midnite Sun love the work of Free and their descendants Bad Company, as so many people still do. Go into the back catalogue of these bands and you will see how many classic tracks they left us. We can offer a set comprised of only tracks by the two bands to give a theme feel to the evening. Just let us know at booking time if you would like to take this option.
Midnite Sun also supply our own lighting effects.  This is sonically co-ordinated Red - Green - Blue low voltage LED stage lighting. The lighting rig takes very little additional space beyond what the band would normally need for their audio equipment and instruments.